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From: Walter Burien
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2008 4:09 AM
Subject: This is a must to include in all "meltdown" emails and posts.

CAFR1 Subscribers:

The following three reports should be circulated to al1, and all should do the same..

1. The Federal Reserve's - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
     2006 -
     2007 -

2. The US Treasury Auditor Generals Report on the top Bank derivative holdings with it being noted to look down 2/3rds through the report to the "Table" section to see the dollar values (in millions so add six zeros to the shown numbers) Example: JP Morgan Chase - #1 - Net assets 1.4 trillion - derivative positions 90 trillion dollars.
     2008 March -

3. The US Treasury Auditor Generals Report on top Bank mortgage holdings and performance.
     2008  June -

People are guessing at whats going on behind the door. No longer, walk through the door and look. See through the looking glass.

These three reports should be viewed by the world to see the "scope" and reality of a good piece of the money involved in moving the markets. (over 250 "trillion" dollars in derivatives). The derivative report shows that between the top five banks they can control the ups and the downs at will by the shear scope and size of their leveraged derivative holdings. They can destroy their competition after liquidating their revenue by market manipulations and then eat them up at pennies on the dollar. The moves we are seeing in the market place are not random, they are created by those wielding the greatest leverage through the use of the derivatives held.

People talk about drug dealers and how they can destroy lives, but how many can look at their books to see the who, where, when, and how much. These three reports give you a good look at the same per the Banks, so look, learn, and share!

Do they need 700 billion or so in taxpayer funds? NOT! Do they need a jail cell? Now that is a more reasonable and timely question to ask..

Sent FYI

Walter Burien

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