Herr Bush's Paraguayan Liquid Gold: Making Billions on Ignorance, Apathy, Death and Self-Fulfilling Policy

Herr Bush's Paraguayan Liquid Gold: Making Billions on Ignorance, Apathy, Death and Self-Fulfilling Policy 

The current internet chatter distracting our brave and freedom loving American citizens from action to return our stolen Constitutional rights is the fact that Herr Bush has currently purchased 99,000 acres in Paraguay.   Unfortunately, even most of those that know some of the truths regarding our government's abuses of power believe posting on the internet is activism.  It seems there is no real action until our citizens have concerns about their immediate comforts. This purchase by Herr Bush shows that American comforts are in for a big surprise.

Most economists will tell you oil is the key to great financial wealth. A few others will tell you that gold is the only commodity one needs to purchase. Herr Bush knows that very shortly there is only one real commodity that will soar in price and has proven it with his Paraguay purchase.    Herr Bush's ranch sits on top of the Guarani Aquifer System. The Guarani Aquifer system is the largest fresh water system in South America.     It may be the largest safe aquifer in the world - the worlds largest - the Ogallala aquifer of the Great Plains is currently being drained.

Future water supply must come from an underground under developed, smaller population and non nuclear nation. Surface water is being contaminated worldwide. Underground water is being contaminated worldwide. Neither of the previously cited links mentions the most hazardous water contamination. All of the nuclear nations have tremendous amounts of radioactive water in storage some of it since the mid 1950s. Just one site's leaking tanks are noted in Hanford. There are hundreds more of these known sites in the US and thousands more worldwide. One site pumped 4 billion gallons of radioactive waste into the ground and raised the groundwater level by 20 to 30 feet. Several years ago there were at least 2 trillion gallons of contaminated ground water in the US. US abandons most radioactive waste disposal and leaves nuclear waste in clandestine limbo. Uranium mining is contaminating even more areas..

Herr Bush is going to make another killing, financially and literally. It's easy to make money when you know and control all the national security secrets. Almost all of the industrialized and nuclear nations are already buying bottled water for safe consumption. Water is not far from becoming liquid gold. You can't survive on oil or gold.

The people of the world have done nothing for decades except for blind obedience in ignorance of the facts.     We deserve what we get. Unfortunately, and as usual, our children will suffer the worst devastation.        Maybe they will be the generation that cares and acts on government's abuses for a return of rights and information to The People.


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