John I hope you are doing well. I have only a few more months in China and I am ready to go back home to America. The stink, the Chinese mind, the stinking Africans, and the expats are exhausting. But what do I come back to?


I have been reading the various publications and sites that might give the White Man a little hope: Amren, StormFront, VNN, Curt, Vdare, the wonderful Sam Francis, DavidDuke, etc etc..  But I have come to the conclusion that our cause cannot be won with our present mind set. There is a fundamental flaw in our thinking. There are many good things said. Amren and Vdare do a great job of making a White Racist respectable. VNN and SF do a great job of showing to the world the absolute worse of White racism. And so on..  But lets me honest we just wonít face the real issue at hand: Who put us in the mess? We give the Jew, the nigger and the Mexican too much credit.


There are some that blame Christianity. Yea, the effeminate type of Christianity promoted today doesnít help, but it didnít stop the White Man for 1800 years from acting like White Men. Some blame the Jew; there is not doubt the Jews are destructive to everything that was once considered White and American. Even if you arenít a Christian we have to admit that under Jewish leadership the ACLU and the ADL did a good job or destroying what was for all practical purposes the White Mansí religion in America. The hardworking Jews have done a great job promoting the extreme stereotypes in Hollywood movies such as ďNiggerĒ hackers saving humanity, the evil White business man, the fat ass sissy white man, the backwards and pathetic Moslem, the humble and cute Rabbi or Jewish insect, the ignorant and trashy people from the south, the dumb victimized Niggers from the South, the smart sophisticated Jew lawyer from LA or New Yaark, the drunken victimized nigger loser as SuperHero as now demonstrated in Will Smithís newest hit Hancock.. Yes the Jew has sowed his seeds of discord in the Arts, in the courts, in the business world, in almost every aspect of our society. Some blame the Nigger and the Mexican. Yes the Niggers rob and rape white girls while White daddyís cry to God and remind the nigger that he is forgiven and it is not racist to rape his little daughter. The Mexicans like a cancer sneak across the border, start criminal gangs and compete with niggers for drug sales and street crime. We were better off when the so called Mafia were the criminal gangs in America. So on and on it goes.. lots of people to blame: Jews, Niggers, Mexicans, Muslims, Arabs, etc..  But letís be honestÖ


Who let them in? Every intelligent White Man that has had a position of power in America for 200 years has warned and known about the Jew problem. They also knew about the Mexican problem. The also knew about the Nigger problem. And for a while the vile stink of Judaism, Negro Culture, and Mexican culture were rejectedÖ  BUT something changed.. The rich and powerful White Men that run our country started letting the Jew, the Black Man and the Mexican have a little say, a little power. The rich and power White Men saw a WAY to divide and reduce the power of a White America. In the name of justice special privileges were given to Jews, Niggers, Mexicans, Homosexuals, and other alien people.   


We make much fuss about the Jew. But doesnít the Jew do what a Jew has always done for 2000 years? Can we expect anything else? Doesnít he always take the lead in destroying and introducing the most degrading and backwards thinking in every country he is allowed to live? Maybe the Jew should ask himself why above ALL peoples HE has been persecuted and thrown out of every country he has infected for 3000 years or more??? 


We can make a fuss about the Nigger. Yes, there are many good Black Men and Women in America, but as long as they continue to support, aid, and stick together like pack monkeys with the Niggers that rape, murder, rob and steal from White Americans they must be treated the same as the Niggers that are so bent on destroying anything and everything that is good and worthwhile. Why in the world would smart, powerful, rich White Men give Niggers who have thousands of years of history and nothing to show for it, special privileges and equality with White Americans? Is it because the powerful White Man doesnít have to send his kids to schools with niggers? Is it because he kids are safe in prep schools? Why? Was it to weaken the White Man? Did the rich and powerful White Men think the Nigger would be an easy vote to get or easier to control than the White Man?


One of the good things about being a rich and powerful White Man is that you get to travel to a lot of places. You get to see real niggers in Africa. You also learn there isnít much difference between a nigger that has been in America for 300 years and one that just came out of Africa. At least in China they sure act the same. But the rich man ALSO knows what the Mexican is like as he has visited Mexico. So WHY would he open the doors to what he KNOWS is destructive to White America. Cheap labor for his factories or a buddy?  A way to weaken the vote of White Americans?  


Letís be honest, most Americans donít like homosexuals. They been trained to accept it and remain silent. There is NOT ONE major or middle sized company where one can criticize faggots and not get fired. They donít hate them so much as just donít want to be around them. They donít want to see their sexual activities in gay parades, they donít want to see them on TV, and they donít want to see them in the movies. But JewyWood keeps putting it out. MOST Americans think homosexuality is a sinÖ BUT the truth is the Rich and Poweful White Men who run America have decided that they WANT Americans to accept homosexuality as normal, they want Americans to shut up when that homosexual activist get in their faces. Now why would powerful and ambitious White Men want to so agitate White America? Why would rich and ambitious White Men want to make it a crime to speak against homos and Jews or niggers? Is it because a large number of powerful White Men are homos themselves? It seems like every time we turn on the TV another rich and powerful White Man is trying to seduce a young man or teenage page in Washington. Another White Man priest has seduced another teenager. Another protestant powerful and rich White Man Preacher has been found to enjoy getting his worm pulled by another man? It seems like the White Men at the top prefer boys and young men to their wives and they want YOU to be like them. Maybe the reason the rich and powerful promote, protect, support and finance homosexuals is that they are trying to open the door for themselves one day in the future.


Here is my point: I think we spend too much time attacking the wrong enemy. It is rich and powerful White Men who have sold us out. It is rich and powerful White Men who ALLOWED the Jew to get his strong hold and infect the minds of Christians and American Children. It is rich and powerful White Men who have handed over our cities to Nigger and Mexican gangs. We went half away around the world to destroy Iraq on false evidence. You donít think these same powerful White Men can do the same in America against a bunch of street niggers? Our government kidnapped 400 WHITE children in Texas for child abuse; Have you seen the same powerful White Men who lead this kidnapping do the same to the tens of thousands of crack nigger children, Mexican children in ghettos? Of course not, because NOBODY wants to adopt all those dark kids. They want WHITE kids. Texas could make a fortune adopting all those WHITE kids. But most of all, they sent a message to White Men, YOU raise your children outside of how RICH and Powerful White Men tell you and THEY will kidnap your children!!! And place them with Niggers, Preachers, Lesbians, homosexuals and Jewgooders!!


My fellows: the Jews, the nigger and the Mexican has done his damage, but NOTHING happens in our country that is not approved, signed, sealed and delivered by rich and powerful White Men. It is them who are our greatest enemy. We have been blindsided and are not fighting the root of our problems: Rich and Powerful White Men.


Sherwood Smith


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