Video:: Learn how Queen E. is head of the OLIGARCHS.
((Watch both of 2 parts.))
She is NOT Ceremonial.
She dissolved (Canadian) Parliament.!! -- rarely blows her cover, like this.

Why the Queen is on Canadia money
The federal police force in Canada is called the ROYAL Canadian Mounties...

Public lands are called CROWN lands...

Before a bill can become a law in Canada it must receive what's called a ROYAL Assent...

This language is not a quaint historical remnant.

When it really counts and the people behind the Queen of England don't like what's going on in Canada
(or in any other Commonwealth Realm), they can suspend Parliament and veto laws by simple
decree of the Queen-appointed Governor General.

Welcome to the Commonwealth Realm, a group of "former" British colonies that think they are
independent countries...until they do something that ruffles feathers back in London.

Does all this sound to far-fetched to be true in the 21st century?

Go to wikipedia and research terms like "Commonwealth realms""monarchy of Canada" and
"Governor General of Canada."

Hint: The real owners of Canada - and the other Commonwealth realms - are not the citizens of
those countries, a reality that it obscurred 99.9% of the time...unless of course, you look at a $20 bill.

Queen Elizabeth is not on there for "sentimental" reasons.
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Last week, the Queen of England's
representative in Canada suspended
Canada's Parliament.

Yes, you read that right.

Canada is an independent country, isn't it?

Yes, most of the time...unless it

In this wide-ranging discussion with
Webster Tarpley, learn how the royal
control system works, what it means
for the future, and why they get away
with it.


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