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Welcome to our Science Series from the Foundation for Magnetic Science and BiomagScience®. We hope the following information is helpful in understanding Biomagnetism and that knowledge produces comfort and wellness. This report is important to your health. Please take the time to read it.

Article 4, SS Volume 8, September 03, 2008

The below information [sent to us] is about the harmful effects of Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRWs) on human cells from cell phones and wireless routers – particularly the weakening and loss of cellular vitality, the loss of intracellular communication, the development of membrane sensitivity, the increase of brain tumors and the possible cause of large increases in autism. We have been following this information since the first findings of Apple’s Microwave News in the 80s. We report the following problems from ICRWs and electrical pulsed magnetic fields and what you can do about this problem.

The electrical value of cells

Based on electrical measurements of the cells using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) which has been a medical measuring tool since 1939, it is understood that cells with high voltage exhibit good health while cells with low voltage show poor health and dysfunction. 

Basic science teaches it is the spin of the electrons that creates the electrical charge of the atoms that make up the molecular material of our bodies. As the electrons maintain their natural spin, they help maintain the electrical energy of the cell(s).

Electricity, electrons, radio frequencies and magnetic fields

Electricity is made by exciting electrons [in wire] with magnetic fields. 60 cycle AC current is created by running the wire through 60 magnetic positive and negative pulses a second. Science also teaches that it not only takes magnetic fields to make electricity, electricity gives off magnetic fields - which affect any electrons within their range.

Microwave ovens, blenders, irons, computers, radios, and many more give off 60 pulsed positive and negative magnetic fields a second. Cell phones, wireless routers, microwaves and other radio waves with their varied frequencies per second are just another form of magnetism which also makes electrons react.

When any living cells are within range of these electromagnetic fields:

The natural free spin of the cell’s electrons is magnetically disturbed by each pulsed magnetic field.

This type of electron disturbance over a period of time can reduce the electrical energy and vitality of the cell.

This loss of cellular energy reduces the cell’s:

  1. Nutritional/waste transport efficiency.
  2. Lowers its metabolic functions,
  3. Lowers its intra-communication of the DNA, mitochondria, and other vital metabolic functions

All of the above can unfortunately progress into many types of illness including aberrant tissue growth.

The living answer

It is impossible to live in a contemporary society without being surrounded by these ubiquitous dangerous magnetic fields. Walk by a home, store, restaurant using a wireless router or work next to a computer, run the blender, use the cell phone and you are within the damaging fields.

However, it is possible to have a good daily defense against these magnetic fields. What we have been doing for years to keep safe from these fields is the BiomagScienceDaytime therapy.

Confirmed by BIA tests:

BiomagScience Daytime therapy supplements the individual with electromotive vitality.

This daily energy supplementation keeps the cells at high voltage which defends them from these dangerous fields.

People from all over the world have reported the Daytime therapy helps to maintenance good health. 

If you are interested in the daily energy supplementation from the Daytime therapy to support healthy maintenance or to defend against pulsed or ICRW magnetic fields and do not have a 2-stack of BiomagScience Power Wafers, order one of ourPain Relief/ Vitality Kits. The kit comes with 2 sets of Power Wafers good for two adults or an adult and two children.

If you really want to protect yourself and your family, drink magnetized water along with the Daytime therapy. Testing shows it helps elevate most of the body’s metabolic functions.

Of course the Wellness Kit [which is on sale] has six Power Wafers for Daytime therapy, all the various sizes of Biomagnets to do advanced therapy and emergencies, the water jar energizers, a bottle of excellent liquid oxygen supplement, therapy book, and pictorial therapy instructions.  

We hope this information about defending against cellular damage from appliances, phones and radio frequencies has been helpful. The rest of the material below this newsletter is a bit scary, but the individual and or child can overcome the problem with supplemental energy.

The Daytime Therapy is one of the best preventative supplements available in the world.

Regarding the very bad bee problem mentioned below, the Foundation would like to conduct some experiments by putting a strong magnetic structure with each bee hive. Any bee keepers out there that want to play? We have the magnets. Please contact us.

Best of health,

Peter Kulish, Founder

Disclaimer: The use of magnetism or any of the products offered herein are intended to benefit normal structure and function and is not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles. Testimonial results are not typical. Translations and content subject to errors and omissions.

The following is a lengthy report taken from a series of researchers who are telling it like it is.




Read the WHOLE page and you will be shocked at what we are doing to our children and how we are responsible for depleting our FOOD SUPPLY (pay attention to the information about magnetites in bees)...learn why large sea mammals beach themselves or get confused and swim up-stream in rivers...or why birds are also losing their way... AND pay attention to what Albert Einstein said in 1940 about the bees and mankind.




I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT CELL PHONES ARE DANGEROUS, BUT DID NOT HAVE ANY PROOF.  Therefore, I have always had a cell phone, but never gave the number to anyone and only used it for emergencies and absolute necessity.  I've had a mobile phone since 1970.  I just waited until I was near a "Land Line" and then called whomever.  Yet, my daughter and granddaughters just use the hell out of them.  They are typical women.  If I mention anything about the cell phones being dangerous, they just think I'm an 'ole fashioned geezer' and not up with the times.  Besides, you can't hear on them properly anyway.

Sir Charles Seabert





Hi, friends. I took substantial time to transcribe the key points of three important interviews on KPFK radio, on the subject of the hazards of wireless technology. I hope you will review it and consider forwarding it to people you care about.

Please, if nothing else, read the hot-pink highlights before you delete this message.

Perhaps most important is this, toward the bottom:

Please do not have wireless routers in your home!! Remove ALL wireless devices from your children's access. Do not put a cell phone in your child's hands, and do not use a cell phone in a car with children in it! 


This is a transcript of KPFK's July 11, 2007 "Healthy Planet, Healthy Me" podcast, available at
If that link doesn't work, you can access the audio at Click Healthy Planet, Healthy Me - KPFK Serials -, Wed, July 11, 2007.

The serious hazards of wireless technology

Guest #1. Interview with Dr. George L. Carlo, founder and chairman of the nonprofit Science and Public Policy Institute. Scientist, lawyer, and author of Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age.

·      Three billion cell-phones currently in use: The cell phone first came into use in 1984. It took 20 years, until 2004, for the number of cell phone users to reach a billion. 18 months later we had the second billion. 9 months after that (about two months ago), we had the third billion.

·      Information-carrying radio waves (ICRWs): These cell phones need to be in touch with cell phone towers constantly. We have created a matrix of exposure to these "information-carrying radio waves" (ICRWs) that are now in our background environment in unprecedented levels.

·      ICRWs beget disease: These ICRWs do not exist anywhere in nature, so our biological tissues are not accustomed to being exposed to them, and they interpret them as invaders. This triggers a series of biological responses within our cells that is now known to be very hazardous. The attempt to protect biological tissue from ICRWs causes the onset of symptoms of disease.

·      No safety testing: The mobile phone industry was able to convince the FDA in 1984 that cell phones would not be dangerous, so they were released onto the market and into commerce with no safety testing. So through the 1990s, I ran a $28.5 million program funded by the mobile-phone industry and overseen by the US government. The program was intended to fill in the data gaps due to the lack of safety testing.

·      "Near-field plume" (proximity) exposure: In the 1990s and early 2000s, we focused on the near-field plume, about 6-7 inches around the cell phone antenna, where the highest concentration of ICRWs existed. People could protect themselves by wearing a headset. Moving the phone 6-7 inches away from the body was thought to protect us.

·      Background/ambient exposure: What we did not expect at the time was that the exponential increase in the number of cell phones would create high concentrations of ICRWs in the background, ambient environment...the waves emitted by the cell phones.

·      Non-cell-phone-users are now affected: Our nonprofit project in Washington runs a registry that collects information from patients with symptoms associated with exposure to ICRWs and other forms of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). When we opened the registry in 2001, the vast majority of registrants were people who used cell phones. In the past 24 months, the vast majority of registrants/patients are now people who do not use cell phones.

·      "Membrane sensitivity syndrome": Patients suffer from electrohypersensitivity -- allergic reactions to the ICRWs. It's a continuum. At one end there's people who report short-term memory loss, unexplained anxiety attacks, unexplained sweating, difficulty sleeping, loss of energy, falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon, blanking out during a conversation. At the other end are people who are not even able to be in a room with somebody using a cell phone. They can't be in offices or hotels where there's Wi-Fi.  The reaction is debilitating. They begin to sweat and shake. They have to leave the room. And when they go to the bathroom, they have blood in their stool. So that indicates organ involvement. This is not a trivial medical problem.

·      Disruption of intracellular communication: This is absolutely consistent with the mechanism of harm, which is disruption of intracellular communication. Cells become energy deficient and cannot communicate with surrounding cells, so you see attention deficit, short-term memory loss, etc. And over time, exposure causes cell-membrane damage, which results in this allergic reaction to ICRWs and other forms of EMR.

·      Brain tumors: Back in the early 1990s, the big concern was brain cancer. A number of studies have shown an increase in brain tumors associated with cell-phone use. We have enough causation proof to warrant intervention. We now know that using a cell phone is associated with an increased incidence of brain tumors. And there's a correlation with the side of the head where the phone is used and brain tumors.

·      Canary in the coal mine: But these other more acute conditions are much more prevalent. They offer us an opportunity, almost like the canary in the coal mine, to learn clues to prevent hundreds of millions of people from becoming ill.

·      Disruption of DNA repair: Children are more susceptible. They are our main concern, because up until about age 21, cells are differentiating more than they are proliferating. There's more exposed DNA. DNA is the most scary target of the damage from ICRWs. Studies show that these ICRWs cause disruption of DNA repair. Every day our bodies have millions of DNA breaks. And the reason we look the same today as we did yesterday is because our body knows how to put broken DNA back together pretty efficiently. The reason that my high school graduation picture looks a lot different from the way I look now is that our bodies become less efficient in fixing broken DNA as we age. And ICRWs disrupt the body's ability to put broken DNA back together again. So they not only accelerate aging but they are also one of the progenitors of the development of tumors. Micronuclei clone and proliferate and develop into tumors.

·      Science confirms hazards: There are probably around 900 studies in the open peer-reviewed literature that address every aspect of this, including:

o  Cell membrane damage

o  Closing down of active transport channels

o  Disruption of intracellular communication

o  Disruption of DNA repair

o  Disruption of mitochondrial function

o  Disruption of cellular respiration

o  Development of brain and eye tumors

·  Wireless technology should never have been released!: One of our big frustrations is that the scientific database is strong enough now, in terms of the dangers of wireless technology such as cell phones and Wi-Fi, that had this information been gathered during pre-market testing, we would not have wireless technology in the same form we have today. It would never have been allowed into the market if the FDA had required free-market testing. That's how serious and confirmatory the science is.

·  We need to maximize fiber optics and minimize wireless: Is any other industry working on a whole different technology that would enable us to use cellular phones but not have the EM radiation? The irony is that we don't need a new technology; we need an old technology. The solution is a telecommunications infrastructure that maximizes the amount of information carried through fiber-optic cables and minimizes the amount of information that is carried wirelessly. If wireless signals only have to travel a few hundred feet, then we can treat them through technologies like "noise fields," a protective technology first developed by the US military, which can help deliver the convenience of this telecommunications technology without the dangers...  

Guest #2: Milt Bowling, Canadian activist and sr. associate of the nonprofit Science and Public Policy Institute, and director of Risk Management Partners Consultancy.

·      I got personally involved in this issue when my son's elementary school was going to have microwave transmitters put on the roof for a cell-phone network.

·      Colony Collapse Disorder: I come from a long line of beekeepers, back to at least the 1800s. I've been reading about the devastation of the honeybee population worldwide, called "colony collapse disorder." Normally over winter, beekeepers lose 10 to 20% of their bees. But this last year, they've reported 90 to 100% are gone. They've died right off. And the queens and the brood are still in the hive. So the worker bees have gone out to forage and haven't been able to find their way back.

·      Bees have "magnetites" in their abdomens to orient themselves to the earth's natural electromagnetic field. But the problem is the exponential increase of background radiation is interfering with their natural communication and navigation capabilities.

·      Since 1999, background radiation has increased in cities by 500,000-fold! Any large city with Wi-Fi, Wi-Max ... if your neighbors have wireless computer routers, satellite TV, video games, anything to do with wireless: they all have ICRWs, which don't exist in nature. So our cells don't know how to react to them. It's either fight or flight, so they take precautionary measures, which turns out to be harmful on a long-term basis.

·      So the bees get lost and end up starving to death. What's even more strange is that other insects that would normally descend on the hives and take the honey aren't touching it. They just don't go there.

·      There are various studies about birds, one published recently about homing pigeons. They take them up to 6-800 miles away from their homes and let them go, and they have these races. Normal loss is 10 to 15%. About a year ago, they lost 85% of the homing pigeons; they never ever showed up. They have the magnetites in their brains and beaks, which help them orient to the earth's natural electromagnetic field.

·      About a third of our food is pollinated, and 80 to 90% of it is pollinated by bees. I've heard an estimate that in the US the bee problem is about a $15 billion problem. Other pollinators like butterflies and bats are also being affected, as are amphibians. It's a worldwide problem.

·      Our authorities are looking to solve a new problem with old thinking. They're looking at mites, viruses, pesticides ... all these different possible causes, which are all bad. But the spread patterns of these things are not consistent with the spread pattern of the problem. For example, they blame nicotinoid pesticides. But certain countries with the bee dieoff don't use those pesticides; they're banned. So we're saying that the ICRWs are the leading culprit.

·      Organic bees have to be raised several miles from an urban center, a landfill, a golf course, an urban highway. All of those things are where high concentrations of ICRWs are. So the further these bees are away, and raised organically, the stronger they are, and they're not having colony collapse disorder.

·      Why are we not hearing from the government or the wireless companies about this fact that's going on right now? This is huge! You have a couple of things going on here when you move out of the realm of science and into the realm of politics. It was the FDA following the influence of the mobile phone industry that got us into this mess in the first place by not requiring testing in 1984. And then in 1996 the telecommunication act was passed, giving facilitation to the mobile phone industry to be able to disperse towers, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max without any type of intervention all across North America and the world. The industry and the government are in bed together, causing the problem.

·      We've had seven class action lawsuits since 2002 against the mobile phone industry: They knew and didn't tell us. Most of them had to do with brain cancer, but the most interesting ongoing case is based on "unjust enrichment": The cell phone industry did not let consumers know from 1999 forward that there was controversy with regard to safety. The cell phone manuals said "there are no studies that show that cell phones are dangerous." Thus, they induced consumers to buy phones and minutes, which they would not have done willy nilly if they had known of the controversy. The lawsuit is seeking that all profits from 1999 to now be returned to consumers. That is a huge number! Those profits are in the several hundred-billion-dollar range.

·      Following the publication of my book, the cell phone industry lost their product liability insurance for health risk claims, because they paid $28.5 million to get answers to scientific questions, and then they summarily ignored the answers.  So the insurance companies said we're not going to protect you anymore. So the big mobile-phone companies -- AT&T, Sprint, Cingular, all of them -- have no insurance to cover these health-risk claims. And if they were to take any action at all to protect consumers or let people know about these hazards, that would be considered in the litigation a "tacit admission of guilt," meaning that they're now taking steps to show that they were wrong back then. That would be used in the litigation against them. So consumers are really on their own now, with regard to protecting themselves.

·      We can't see EMR with our eyes. Imagine what it would be like if we actually could see it!

·      The bees really are the best way for us to see what's going on. The colony collapse disorder is the result of the bees' intracellular communication being disrupted. And therefore they can't orient themselves and find their way home. The bees are an indicator that we are reaching a saturation point in terms of this exposure in the environment. With three billion cell phone users and millions and millions of other wireless devices scattered throughout the globe, we're reaching a saturation point where the indicator is what we're seeing in the biological systems. The bees are the indicators, but WE are the guinea pigs.

·      Back in the 1940s, Albert Einstein was reflecting upon the fact that we had moved into a nuclear age. He said that we are now going to be insulting our environment in ways that we cannot predict. And Einstein said, "Watch the bees," because they are an extremely sensitive indicator. He is reported to have said that when the bees disappear, mankind will disappear four years later. This is serious! We are looking at all kinds of signs that are telling us we need to take steps.

·      We do risk assessments for communities, and I consult all over the world on this issue. We also perform risk management and advise communities on mitigating their risks. No one wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Listeners can go to to contact me.

Guest #3: Tamara Merrier, founder and director of Internal Balance, Inc. Biochemist and certified clinical nutritionist. (45:00)

·      In the past five years, I've been working with a great deal of autism. 80% of my practice is currently children on the autism spectrum (autism, ADD, ADHD, and other diagnosed psychiatric conditions). It has been very interesting to correlate EMR as a part of their etiology. We believe they are definitely related.

·      Dr. George Carlo met me in January of 2006 when I was giving a presentation regarding some of my findings and concerns. And we have been collaborating now for the past year and a half to publish several papers validating the mechanism of harm that he was describing.

·      With the Safe Wireless Initiative, we belief that there is a link, more of an epigenetic exposure correlation, that has a synergistic effect with the toxicity within the child. We're looking at a generation of children who are being born more toxic than you and I were, post 1938, post WWII. Our chemical interventions in this country are astronomical. Well over a thousand chemicals are in use out there, and no one really knows how they can harm.

·      These children now number one in 150, and some of us believe it's much more severe than that. In the late 70s, the number was one in 10,000.

·      Now, I don't want to ignore the fact that there is a great deal of evidence that mercury toxicity is closely related and a key player in this discussion, both thimerosal in vaccines and mercury bioaccumulation over several generations.

·      I'd like to comment on the magnetite in the bees: It has been posited that children on the autism spectrum have a higher level of magnetite in their brain. Isn't that interesting?

·      George and I have been very diligently in discussion regarding the cell-to-cell communication disruption that occurs in an autistic child, or a child who is on the spectrum. It's interesting to hear the magnetite correlation here and to understand that that's exactly what we're seeing in these children.

·      Do you think that children are harmed in vitro? I've interviewed hundreds of parents now over several years, and their children are primarily born neurodevelopmentally normal, or "neurotypical." So we have to conclude that there is a genetic predisposition that has been carried out over generations. But, within this generation of children, the genetic expression that we're seeing is somehow different. These children are not able to detoxify their bodies and compensate for the level of toxicity.  

·      I began detoxifying children back in 2002 with mechanisms and interventions that were helping me personally, as well as adults and a few other children in my practice in Houston . I began to look into electricmagnetic pulse field therapy, and then I began to look at electropollution as an area in our environment that we needed to pay attention to while detoxifying the human being. The EMR issue hit my radar screen in 2005, and I began looking for ways to mitigate the environment in my own clinic while detoxifying children, as well as to teach families to create a safe environment for the child who is being detoxified, so we can improve the outcome.

·      Disney came up with a cell phone plan for kids that features built-in GPS tracking, called the Disney Kids Starter Phone. Don't buy one!

·      On my Web site, I have a link to a new site we're creating called We fully intend to use it as an advocacy site for parents. It's linked from and

·      Limit and eliminate exposure first! It would be irresponsible for me not to say please do not have wireless routers in your home!! Remove wireless devices from your children's access. Do not put a cell phone in your six- or twelve-year-old's hands. Even up to eighteen years old, this is prudent. Elimination is VERY important. This is a very serious situation.

·      Also, work with schools who are promoting a wireless (Wi-Fi) environment for students. It's very dangerous. It's scientifically supported, and we just need to stand up for our children, because they can't talk for themselves. In  Norway , they are removing wireless from schools, and I believe the US will follow suit, once this is publicized well enough.

·      You can use this noise-field technology for protecting yourself, if you are using a cell phone.

·      We ask parents, do not use a cell phone while you are in the car with your child! You are creating a radiation cage, basically, where the radiation moves through all of you in the car. The child in a car seat is being damaged. An elevator is the same thing.


·      George and I are publishing a paper that will be out by late summer. When a person detoxifies in an environment that is clean of electromagnetic radiation, they will naturally let go of heavy metals at much higher rates, fecally, and through hair and urine. A child on the autism spectrum will have to be pushed and coaxed and prodded to do that, and repair mechanisms will also have to be in place with nutrition. We will be bringing up clinics throughout the country that can do this safely and effectively for seriously affected children.

Conclusion: The first step is making people aware that there is a problem here. But the most important message is that there are solutions to the problems. People like Milt can assess and mitigate those risks. Tamara can clinically deal with people who are already suffering from diseases as a result of these problems.



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