W Pierce was Jewish, like everyone else at all times and places.
1. In his biography ("deeds of a man...") he said his "stepfather" was jewish, from NYC. Thats code for, "my father was jewish". Duh. Just like Wagner, "der geyser ist ein adler" (said nietzche, another judaic) .
a joke, in german, because wagners "stepfather" was a jewish man named 'geyser', which means vulture in german (apparently), and adler is "eagle", and a common jewish name. so- "the vulture is an eagle", in reference to the origin of Wagners so-called 'stepfather'.
2. His picture. Every one I have seen shows slitty narrow eyes, bulbous nose, and prominent ears without earlobes. 3 characteristics of a certain strain of "judaic" europeans.
But the biggest proof is that he clearly worked for the system, was allowed to continue openly, parroted all the essential lines without fail, and was another obvious show in a long line of shows. As in: "thats show business!"
Do you realize that as many as  one half of all middle-to-upper class people in the 1st world statistically MUST descend from a substantial degree of "jewish ancestry": meaning a relation to the history of jewish communities throughout the world over many many centuries. I figure its about 300 million people worldwide, based on historic statistics. Could be less, but even 100 million is a different story than "a persecuted minority".
The entire "aryan", "nazi" idea was invented by jews, basically, like all other ideas. Jewry is at the center has always been and always will be. I think "jewish" is really just another name for a more elite (but crazy) class of all people in general- this is not really a people or race or a seperate group, more of an element found dispersed through ALL nations (in the most general caucasian sense), whoever got absorbed into judaism over a long time. Its very fluid and cant be viewed seperate from anything else. (but what can?)

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