World's Fattest Man Tries To Break New Record

He's hoping to notch up another world record for losing the most weight.
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
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VIDEO: World's fattest man eyes new record

Manuel Uribe, once the world's most obese man, is vying for a new record for the biggest weight loss.

Uribe, who once weighed the same as a small truck at over half a tonne, has so far lost 518 lbs. and is aiming to lose about 220 lbs. more over the next couple of years.

He's still the size of three well-built men combined but Uribe says his target is around 130 kilos within the next couple of years.

He's hoping to notch up another world record for losing the most weight.

"I used to eat a lot of carbohydrates - pizza, junk food, hamburgers, french fries, lots of beans and rice, all food with a lot of carbohydrates. Now I know a lot more because I've been taught how much food influences your body."

Uribe, who hasn't left his reinforced bed for six years because he's so heavy, drew international interest when he pleaded for help on Mexican television.

Now he says with the help of free aid from a U.S. doctor he's eating grapefruit, fish, chicken and vegetables.

He underwent a tummy tuck in Mexico that removed some fat but has left him with massive, and permanent, swelling.

As his weight goes down Uribe's hopes of leaving his bed and seeing the outside world again are going up.

A previous tour attempt failed when his bed hit an overpass.

He's hoping by 2010 he'll be back on his feet to tell the world about the benefits of healthy eating.

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