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Will P.M. Rudd be bringing these animal butchers here.

The Prime Minister is pro Chinese and speaks the language fluently. Information received is that a daughter is married to a Chinaman so can we expect to see these kinds of butchers brought here.

Send this to all on your mailing list as well as your politicians to watch the video and sign.

When it reaches 500 send to



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Please sign at the bottom, there is a video at the link below but if you watch it you will be deeply disturbed.  Its just too painful so we have to try and stop this brutality.

It's about animal rights and suffering and how these people can do this.

The process is explained below:
With a hidden camera, animals were filmed being SKINNED ALIVE!!! They say it's done to get a more perfect ''cut''. afterwards the carcasses are tossed into a pile, still alive, and for up to 10 minutes you can see their hearts still beating, in agony, their eyes still blinking, and the puppies little paws still shaking.
There was one dog that still lifted his head and gazed at the camera with bloodied eyes even though it had been skinned. If you don't care to see the video, please sign and forward to your friends.  This monstrosity has to be stopped, we have to act!!

Please scroll down and add your signature to the petition and send to everyone in your address book.  Please be aware though before you click on the link, you have been warned that it is too gruesome to watch and something needs to done to stop it...

Thanks for your support

There is no need to see the video, but if you must, beware it's horrible. The following video is of excruciating violence. It's painful silence affects us all deeply. If we don't protect animals from this type of brutality, we become accomplices

When the list reaches 500 names, please forward to:
Thank you ..
01.  Helen Walthew, Cape Town
02.  Joyce Luxton, Cape Town
03.  Garth Luxton, Cape Town
04   Terje McKnight, Norway
05   Joachim B McKnight, Norway
06   Jannicke McKnight, Norway
07   Rita Lyngsmo, Norway
08   Hanne Dahle, Norway
09   Elizabeth Dahle, Norway
10   Pia Baumann, Norway
11   Anita McKnight,
12   Laura Garner Scotland
13   Ken Garner Scotland
14   Noel Bowie Scotland
15   Chris Bowie China
16   Jang Jing China
17   Val Cummnings South Africa
18   Derek Cummings SouthAfrica
19   Kim Samuels South Africa
20   Ron Samuels South Africa
21   Vanessa Mclean UK
22   David Stainforth -South Africa
23   Lynne Proude - South Africa
24   Jenny Wilkinson - South Africa
25   Sharon Künnemann -South Africa
27   Yvonne Miller
28   David Miller
29   Jennifer Ormond-Brown
30   Digby Ormond-Brown
31  Martin Brown
32. Tonel Rautenbach - South Africa
33. Naco Rautenbach - South Africa
34. Jessica Moller - South Africa
35. Roxanna De Bruyn - South Africa
36. Charlene Morgan - South Africa
37. Shaun Morgan - South Africa
38. Marianne le Grange - South Africa
39. Marius le Grange Jnr - South Africa
40. Marinka le Grange - South Africa
41... Marius le Grange Snr - South Africa
4 2. Ida Botha - South Africa
43. George Botha - South Africa
44. Joey Pretorius - South Africa
45. Riekie Pretorius - SA
46. Jaco Pretorius - SA
47. Gerhardus Pretorius - SA
48. Silvia Pretorius - SA
49. Malie Swart - SA
50. Nico Swart - SA
51  Andre Koegelenberg
52 Trudie McIntosh
53  Maryanne Jooste
54  Frans Jooste
55 Lulu Jooste
56 Dené Jooste
57 Freda O'Connell
58. Carmen Slabbert - South Africa
59. Debbie Smith - South Africa
60 Dudley Bennet South Africa
61 Pamela Bennet South Africa
62 Yvonne Brink, Sweden
63 Guy Verschatse, Belgium
64 Katrien Mornie, Belgium
65.Zivojin Mihajlovic
66.Lydia Mihajlovic
67 Gordana Roganovic
68.Tibor Kenji
69.Smilja Kenji
70.Olivera Kekic
71 Kekic Dalibor
72.Dzigurski Milica0
75. Sucic Zlatko
76. Sucic Mihaela
77. Romina Baštek
78.Robert Baštek
79.Nika  Baštek
80.Patrik Baštek
81.Dragan Mazar
82.Sue Kruzenga - Australia
83.Bob Mathews - Australia
84.Vivien Mathews - Australia
85.Lyndsay Kruse - Australia
86.Douglas Sidebottom- Australia
87.Stephen Thomas- Australia
88. David Madden- Australia
89. Lise Woolley- Australia
90. Faye Ross- Australia
91. Susie Simmons,Australia
92. Croline Pope, Australia
93. Alison Bull, Melbourne Australia
94. Sue Vernon Lenah
94. Mary Bull, Frankston, Victoria,Australia.
95   Lynne Barwick, Tasmania
96. Gavin Barwick, Tasmania
97. Michelle Enniss,=2 0Tasmania, Australia
98.  Winny Enniss, Tasmania, Australia
99. Elisabeth Lewis, Tasmania, Australia.
100. Lee Bedelph, Tasmania, Australia111
111 Denise Froggatt
112. Cheryl Smith NSW
113 Ross Smith NSW
114 Bev Evans ACT
115 Sylvia Micallef NSW
116 Josephine Schreiner.qld
117 Gloria Kearton Qld
118 Marion Martineer Qld Australia
119 Jason Martineer Qld Australia
120 Tracey Bickerton Qld Australia
121 Steve Bickerton Qld Australia
122 Nikita Bickerton Qld Australia
123 Sue Herse Gold Coast Australia
124 Patsy Rowe
125 Maggi Gough, Australia/Hong Kong
126 Marion Chaffe, NSW, Australia
127 Eileen Goodman, Harrow, UK
128 Jan Buckridge, Watford, UK
129 Lisa Buckridge, Watford UK
130 Tim Peacock Watford Uk
131 yolanta zalecki
123 Petra Langen-Pieters, Byfleet UK
124 Christine Roach, Cape Town South Africa
125 Dianne Marchant, London, England
126. Karen Knowles, London, England
127 Gemma Walsh, London, UK
128. Lisa Fairweather, London. UK.
129. Emma Crouch, London, UK
130. Allison Barker, London, UK
131 Marion Hemingway.UK
132 Nicholas Hemingway. UK
134 Ben saidman
135 Madeleine Backlund
136 Ann McDonagh
137 Lisa Stewart
138 Jane Mackenzie
139 Angela Wong, HK
140 Pimpa Songnoptaworn, Bangkok-Thailand
141 Adriaan Rodenburg, Nadi, Fiji Islands.
142 Antoon. Lolkes de beer - Buderim, Australia.
143 Frans van Kampen
144 Tonnie van Kampen
145 Brett Smith  Lumwana Zambia
146 Janice Allen Qld Australia
147. Des Nortier.......I couldn't bring myself to watch the video Cal, but the description was heartbreaking enough...
148. Donald Nortier
149. Kim Giraudeaux
150. Steve Connor
151.Sally Wemyss
152.Colleen Gardner
153 Jenny Wemyss - Durban
154 James Wemyss
155 Marc Nel- Mauritius
156 Reinette Nel - Mauritius
157 Clive Channell-SA
158 Sandy Channell-SA
159 Gordon Schoeman
160 Joan Schoeman
161 Donnalea Hodgkinson - South Africa
162 Garreth Hodgkinson - South Africa
163 Jaryd Hodgkinson - South Africa
164 Glen Mills -South Africa
165 Marie Mills - South Africa
166. Garth McMorran South Africa
167. Deline McMorran South Africa
168., Melany McMorran South Africa
169 Madison McMorran South Africa
170 Isabel McGregor
171 Robert Sham
172 Michael Sham
173 Jolene Banha
174 Jayde Sham
175 Tyler Sham
176. Laura McGregor - South Africa (I hope these people get slaughtered alive, just for the pure pleasure of knowing they were punished. Sick, sick bunch of cruel people that will rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
177. Christopher Fernandes - South Africa
178. Hollee Botha - South Africa
179. Sudeepa Kallichurum - South Africa ( I really wish that someone does the same to them ... they sick )
180. Preeta Singh - S Africa
181. Shelley Rawsthorne - SA
182. Carol Guzovic - SA
183 Sue Fairall   South Africa
184  Doug Fairall South Africa
185 Adrienne Kelsey
186 Brian Kelsey
187 Eileen Smith
188 Helen Watson
189 Rae Rousseau - Lincoln
190 Margi McLeod - Harare, Zimbabwe

191 Terry Watson Zimbabwe

192 Debbie Whyte – Harare, Zimbabwe
193. G James - New Zealand
194 Rebecca Paul
195 Christopher Paul

196 Darren Beckett - New Zealand

197 Liz Beckett - new zealand
198 Suzie John - Dubai
199 Tamzin French - New Zealand
200 Stu Rae - NZ
201 Jo Rae - NZ
200 Paul French - New Zealand
201 Andrea Boyde - New Zealand
202.  Penny Harrison

203. Lyn Voyde, NZ  
204, Maureen Morgan NZ
205, Frank Morgan NZ
206. Annette Green NZ  
207 - Annemieke Timmermans NZ
208 - Gary Johnston NZ  
209- Emma McGregor NZ
210- Daniel Clapperton NZ  
211 Michaela Van Lier, New Zealand.

212 - Monique Bieshaar, New Zealand

213 – Lance Waters, New Zealand (I think this is one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life and something needs to be done!!!)

214 – Pamela Waters, Waitakere, New Zealand – this is a disgrace.

215-Samah Seger, New Zealand.
216- Jessica Lawrence, NZ - This is the most horrible thing i've seen in a while. Maybe, ever. Disgusting.

217 - Lipi Black, New Zealand. So Sad, poor huskys x(

218 - Michael Mau'u, how could someone do something so cruel...disgsuting
219- Zoran Garelja, New zealand, Thats sick...   horrible to the days... WOrst THING IVE EVER SEEN. EXCRUItating to watch..

220- Sarah Hall, New Zealand: :'( 

221. Jan Downey New Zealand 

222.Annette Norris NZ (didn't need to watch it the description was bad enough)

223 Maureen Wade New Zealand (couldnt watch, cruelty to animals is sickening)

224 Fred Large Victoria Aust
225 Pam Large Victoria Aust
226 Adrian Barnett, Victoria, Aust
227 Lorraine Conley, Qld, Australia
228 Geoff Conley, Qld, Australia
229 Ruth Stumer, Queensland Australia
230 Nick Maine Qld Australia