Subject: Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones explains the derivative scam 3/10 about 45 mins total time

Please make an effort to understand this derivative mess because it is the device that is taking down the entire international economy.  The 5 major banks in the US have more of this derivative trash than they do assets.. Which means that the 5 major banks are worth NOTHING!!!!!  What happens to the stock when these banks are nationalized..and they WILL be nationalized.  These banks have already been given enough money from the government to pay for all the foreclosed homes and under foreclosure.  Yet the banks get to foreclose on the homes anyway, sell them for almost nothing and go back to Congress for more money.  Meanwhile, they are stuffing all the dang money in their personal pockets and doing NOTHING to stimulate the economy.  This is the biggest scam ever and all these people should be severely dealt with--severely enough that we will never hear anything about or from them again.  M.